16th Annual Rotary Scholarship Golf Outing!

Posted on Mar 29, 2021
Thursday Thursday May 27, 2021 11:00am Registration!
Geneva Lake West Rotary Club's 16th Annual Scholarship Golf Outing Fundraiser
"Committed to Service Above Self by helping local organizations. 
We are proud to host our Annual Golf Outing and Dinner to raise money for our Scholarship Endowment Fund
that will benefit students from Faith Christian High School, Williams Bay High School and Big Foot High Schools"
Questions about Sponsorship, Golfing or Donations - Contact: walworthfontanarotary@gmail.com
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Meeting Location and Frequency

Twice Monthly
4/1/2021    The Abbey Resort  Sand Bar Room
4/15/2021  The Abbey Resort  Sand Bar Room
5/13/2021  The Abbey Resort  Sand Bar Room
5/20/2021  The Abbey Resort  Sand Bar Room
                   Following Diploma Endorsement
                   Big Foot High School 11am
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ZOOM MEETING 3/4/2021 12PM
  Presentation from new owners of Yerkes Observatory - Future Outlook
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Save the date! Thursday February 4th 12:00 - 1:00 via ZOOM.  A link will be sent closer to the date with information to join.
We look forward to getting together in person soon, however, until then we would like to touch base with our membership and update you on what the board had discussed in our January board meeting.  
We will have general discussion but would like to have the members who attend give a minute or two of how or what they have been doing. 
Some ideas to talk about...
Did you read something you would recommend?
Did you learn or was able to practice and new skill or hobby?
Did you start taking on online course?
Were you able to connect more with family?
We hope you can join us.  A link will be sent the day before the meeting with the information to join.
Thank you,
Heidi L. Alten, Secretary
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2021 Scholarships Available

2021 Rotary Scholarships are available!  Completed applications need to be submitted by March 19, 2021.  See 'Downloads' section for the application packet.
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Board Meeting Notes 1/19/2021

Geneva Lake West Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2021

Location - ZOOM
Exemplar Financial Network, 630 Kenosha Street, Walworth, Wisconsin, 53184, the January 19, 2021, Rotary Board meeting of the Geneva Lake Rotary Club.
Opening is the regular meeting of the Geneva Lake West Rotary Club was called to order at ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­5:03pm on January 19, 2021, in the Exemplar Financial Network office at 630 Kenosha Street, Walworth, Wisconsin, 53184, by James Reuland.
T. Beci, H Alten, J. Reuland, Phill Klamm, D Holst, R. Hildebrandt, M Hinske, D. Vandello
Approval of Minutes
There was an approval of the agenda, the approval of minutes was approved from the previous meeting.
Secretary Report
The Secretary Report was no new members. 
Member losses – Mike Scholl 
Current Member Count 50 (48 Active, 2 Honorary)
Funding requests: Tom Beci recommendations – excess funds from Holiday Food Baskets to Spirit of Hope Men’s Shelter.  They are already listed in the budget and we can potentially increase this donation to them.  We can possibly match the $1500.  $1500 was approved to send this.
Smiles – Our horse Brenda needed to be retired.  So they are requesting that we sponsor a new pony.  This was approved and in the budget already
Treasurer Report
Refer to the email that Don Vandello sent out on January 18, 2021.  It was approved.
Mike Scholl outstanding bill and Bill White outstanding bill discussed.  Mike volunteered in a conversation with Don V. that he was sending a check in but we will see if that shows up.  Bill W. has been contacted via email and mail recently by Don V.
FFG check was sent out as indicated on the report per email approval.
Budget is approved by membership
Committee reports
Membership: There was some concern among current members that the emails from RI were sending a perceived message of “you need to be a better Rotarian”.  They were reassured that GLWRC is still we following our core beliefs and that we are still contributing to our community.   
Holiday Food Assistance balance – suggestion to earmark for school lunch assistance balances.  Don V. can set up an accrual account in our accounting for that balance and use it when the kids are back to school and the balances start to add up.
Club administration: no news to report
Service: no news to report
Old business
Future Meetings – In Person? ZOOM?
Decided ZOOM meetings until further notice: 1st meeting by Thursday February 4, 2021.
Program suggestion from Dave Collins may not work. 
Don Holst – programs scheduled via ZOOM vs. in person?
Other Ideas for Membership ZOOM Meetings:
– How was your Quarantine Vacation? 2 min time limit per member
New business
Annual Meeting – Possible Kick off of in person meetings in April (working on the date and time) at a nice location.  Social Evening.
  • Service above Self awards – Rasmussen
Golf Outing in May – Committee? Toby S. will be contacted and let him know to get started on the Golf Outing planning.  Contact Dixon Golf again, HA talk to Toby S.
Action items
Board Members: Gather ideas for the Annual Meeting that we can hopefully have in April.  Awards, Programs, Social evening.  Etc.  Email: Heidi at walworthfontanarotary@gmail.com
Meeting was adjourned at 5:52p.m. by James Reuland.  The next general meeting will be at 5 p.m. on Tuesday February 16, 2021 via ZOOM
Exemplar Financial Network office at 630 Kenosha Street, Walworth, Wisconsin, 53184.
Minutes submitted by Heidi Alten
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Paying Rotary Bills Online

Pay your Bill online with Credit Card
Have your latest Statement handy.
Login to walworthfontanarotary.org (Login in name should be your email, enter your password)
     If you have forgotten your password contact Don Vandello (dhvandello@charter.net) to have it reset.
Clic on the "Member Area" at the upper right corner
Select "My Account Balance"
    Note: Your account balance will be zero, since we don't use Clubrunner's accounting system.
Enter the amount you wish to pay from your Statement.
Enter Credit Card information (#, Exp. Date, CCV)
You must enter something in the "comment section"  i.e Pay statement balance (date?)
You will receive an email confirmation, don't pay any attention to the negative balance which comes up after payment, we will adjust that.
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Locating documents on the Website

Steps for locating Club Documents (Financial Reports, Budgets, Forms, etc.)
Login to walworthfontanarotary.org (Login in name should be your email, enter your password)
     If you have forgotten your password contact Don Vandello (dhvandello@charter.net) to have it reset.
Clic on the "Member Area" at the upper right corner
Scroll down to "Organization" and Clic on "Documents"
Select the document you wish to review.
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World Polio Day

Rotary is very close to completing a project begun in 1988 – the eradication of Polio worldwide.  There are only three countries left that are not yet polio free.  In support of World Polio Day, the Walworth Fontana Rotary Foundation (Geneva Lake West Rotary Club) is requesting your financial help in achieving this goal.  The Gates Foundation is matching donations 2 to 1, so every dollar is magnified.
Rotarian, Don Vandello, is heading this drive.  “ We originally intended to create a fundraising event to highlight this cause, but Covid-19 has interfered with any social gathering, so we are trying to go virtual with this request.  Both I and my wife are polio survivors from ages 9mos, and two years old.  We truly understand what this disease can do, are proud to be a part of an organization like Rotary, with the global reach to defeat polio once and for all.  I am asking all of my fellow Rotarians, friends, and family, to spread the word.  We will post this on our Website and on Facebook. If we can all share these posts on our social media, it would be a  great help.”
Donations can be made to:
Walworth Fontana Rotary Foundation
PO Box 368
Walworth, WI. 53184
Or on our website www.walworthfontanarotary.org, use the “Donate” button at the top of the home page.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Freedom for Girls 2020

Freedom for Girls 2020 
You may or may not be aware of the Freedom for Girls program that is hosted by Pat and Steve Werner.  Steve is a long time Rotarian and he and his wife have been fundraising for this program for years.
I have attached the letter that they send out every year and also a link to their Facebook page where you can find more information about this important cause.
The Geneva Lake West Rotary Club makes an annual donation to this program but you can make your own donations to this organization, if you would like.  Donate HERE (send us an email that it is to be allocated to FFG)
We just wanted to share the information and let you know what other Rotarians are passionate about.
Thank you,
Heidi L. Alten, ​Secretary
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Past Speakers

Speaker 9/10/2020 at Big Foot Inn (Pam Carper)
      Boys and Girls Club
Speaker 9/24/2020 at The Abbey (Kim Bushey)
      County Clerk (election update)
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2020 Corn & Bratwurst Festival - CANCELED

Geneva Lake West Rotary Club to cancels their August 1, 2020 Corn and Brat Festival

[Walworth, WI 4/25/2020] The Geneva Lake West Rotary Club has decided to cancel our 2020 Corn and Brat Festival.  “With the current state of affairs we saw too many obstacles to have a successful Corn and Brat Festival this year” stated a Geneva Lake West Rotary Club Board Member. 
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