Highlights from most recent Board Meeting on 8/18/2020
    Kazuo Shimizu (Kikkoman Foods) has returned to Japan permanently.
       His replacement from Kikkoman will be introduced in the near future by Toby Steivang
   Dave Collins (formerly of the Marshall, TX Club) has transferred membership to our Club
       WELCOME Dave
   Currently we have three prospective new members, all being sponsored by Don Holst
   Current Member count:  48 (46 Active, 2 Honorary)
Financial Review (as of 8/18/2020)
     Balance Sheet
           Total Assets   $83,372.19
                Checking             $80541.79
                A/R                        $2110.40
                Undeposited Funds  $720.00
             Liabilities        $6746.82
                 A/P                        $178.60
                 FFG Reserve       $4568.02
                 Scholarship Acc  $2000.00
    Profit and Loss Statement
            Income             $19288.35
            Expense            $10375.83
            Net Income         $8912.52
         Complete Financial Report available in the "Documents" section of the website
   Special Notes
         To date the Appeal to members has raised  $10, 175.00
         The net from the Corn Brat Boxes is anticipated to be $2634.00
         As such we have a total of $12809.00 of the $17000.00 minimum we might have expected from a full Corn Brat Fundraiser
It's Not too late respond to the appeal                 
Old Business:
    Meetings will be held every other week, this will probably be permanent.  The intent is to have a permanent location decided by      October 1st.  The Board has also recommended that one of these meetings will be an evening meeting, with cash bar and
    hors  d'oeuvrs.  This may not happen in October, as it may take more time in making these arrangements.
    The Golf Outing is in full swing, this  is Chuck Palma's last year of arranging this.  The date is 9/17/2020.  A Committe has been         assembled to run the event next year with Chuck consulting.  (More info. on the website and Facebook).
New Business:   
     Long discussion, taking up fully 3/4 of the meeting, regarding member apathy and ways to re-engage the Membership.
     This discussion was sparked primarily by the lack of participation in the Corn Brat Box Experience.  Of the 82 boxes sold, 57 
     were purchased by Dalco Metals (John & Bill Ring), of the rest only 6 were purchased by Rotarians.  We did not expect 
     Rotarians to purchase the boxes, but they were expected to spread the word to friends and associates, and that clearly did not
     happen.  This was a lot of work, mainly by Heidi Alten, and a little disrespectful to her not to follow up.  There were no magic 
     conclusions offered to re-engage the membership, however one suggestion was the publication of this bulletin and a synospsis of 
     the Board Meetings.

     Road Clean Up
     Revising how we do this.  The High School Students need Community Service hours, so Doug Parker is going to coordinate with
     Mary Heyer, and we will hopefully have 5 to 6 Rotarians each supervising 5 or 6 students.  Dates and details to follow.