Summary notes for Board Meeting on 9/22/2020.
Financial Report thru 9/22/2020
    Total Assets:             $94,393.15    
    Total Liabilities:          $6568.02
    Accounts Receivable:  $3287.40
    Total Income:             $35328.07
    Total Expenses:          $15215.79
     Net Profit:                 $20112.28
Full Financial reports available in the documents section of the website.
The Board will begin the Budget process based on the $20,000.00 income in October.
Golf Outing
     Outing held on 9/17/2020, 64 Golfers, great day.
     Projected Net Income $11,500.00, which is earmarked for scholarships. 
     The Board has decided to remain at the $10,000.00 level for this year.
     Chuck at the Podium                      Winning Team Wheatland
      This was Chuck's las year as Chairman after 7 years, Thank You Chuck.  A new Committee will take over for our outing in the          Spring.
Road Clean Up
    Discussed, scheduled with high school students participating.
Christmas Baskets
    Covid-19 may affect this year's event.  We may not be able to use the Grade School or the students.  The Board will be considering options including delivering gift cards     
    only, or gift certificates from Sentry.  The Advantage of the Gift Certificates 
    would be control on what is qualified to be purchased.
Student Visits/ Teacher Awards
    Mike Hinske discussed a revised methodology to handle this during Covid-19.  See story in this newsletter.