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Daniels Sentry Foods
681 Kenosha Street
Walworth, WI 53184
United States of America

Dear Rotarians,

Every year we participate in the Salvation Army Bell Ringing Fundraising held at Sentry on the Friday following Thanksgiving.  This year on Friday November 27th we will be doing so but with some extra precausions!  We ask that if you volunteer for the hour to ring the bell, please wear a mask and gloves at all times.  These items will be available, if the bell ringer does not have their own.  

Did you know that only $1 per hour goes into an unattended kettle but over $55 per hour goes into a kettle if a ringer is present?  We want to fill all shifts at both the East and West Entrance of Sentry.  Salvation Army keeps 85% of proceeds in Walworth County!

We look forward to a full Roster!  Thank you all for your participation!!